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Aluminium Sun Shade Louvres

Aluminium is an incredible material that gives our products unique capabilities. Not only is it durable and robust, but workable, meaning that we have complete control over how our louvres fit into the home environment. The result? A fully-customisable and electrically operable outdoor weather shade that’s changing homes across Australia.

Open the roof for ventilation and shade during hot summer days, or close it for protection against weather, no matter what the natural world throws at you. Sunlite’s WeatherShade protects people, furnishings and belongings from the harmful effects of UV rays. All-aluminium construction means a long product lifespan with minimal maintenance, reducing energy costs associated with infrastructure upkeep. Prices allow for a full perimeter frame that’s supported on existing infrastructure, or we can supply complete horizontal and vertical aluminium structural support.

More About Sunlite WeatherShade Roof Louvres

Sunlite WeatherShade is a highly water-resistant louvre system with electrically operable louvre blades. The impressive aluminium construction is comprised of single louvre blades within a 200×50 RHS full perimeter aluminium frame. Together with the water catchment on the underside of the extruded aluminium gutter system and the electrically operable louvre blades, you can enjoy 140 degrees of protected rotation.

The Best Residential Louvre Patio Roof Systems On the Market

To educate you on why we’re one of the best in the business, we may have to get a bit technical. Stay with us:

The operating linkage gear is made from aluminium and stainless steel hardware (304), while the pivoting hardware is marine grade 6 – 6 nylon. With all fixings on the louvre system being stainless steel (304), we refuse to use mild steel, Colourbond or Zincalume sheet metal that could result in rust.

The elliptical louvre blinds operate via a 12v linear actuator that can be found on the top side of the system’s frame. There is also the option of a 240v tubular motor within the extruded motor blade, with an RTS wireless receiver, rain sensor and remote control. This system can be integrated into the innovative C-Bus or other home automated systems at an additional hardware cost. Also included as standard is an aluminium pop, aluminium downpipe and aluminium outlet. Remember that all aluminium fabrication is completed with a high-performance powder coat or anodised finish.

All Sunlite louvres in Australia are exclusively manufactured and assembled at our west coast factory in Welshpool, Perth or all the way on the east coast at our NSW workshop. We provide high specification products with Australian Standard extruded aluminium materials, marine grade nylons for blade operation, 304 & 316 stainless steel fixings and standard or warranty powder coat and/or anodised finishes. We don’t compromise on materials, especially for coastal and/or harsh conditions.