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An idea is nothing without its execution. This principle is something that WeatherShade takes quite literally, installing all of our louvre systems ourselves. Call us perfectionists, but we prefer to implement our products internally to guarantee the quality of its performance. We believe that the entire process, from manufacturing to delivery and installation, should be executed with uncompromised precision.

Aluminium Louvre Roof Installations

It is during installation that our external louvre shutters come to life. Thus, the same attention to detail and dedication required to manufacture our products is implemented when we install the louvres. This is something that has to be done manually, resulting in a handcrafted finish every single time.

We are the original Sunlite WeatherShade installer!

Since we’re the ones manufacturing the actual systems, it’s quite fitting that we’re the largest suppliers in Australia. We’re proud to say that we consider the installation process to be one of the most important aspects, successfully integrating the product into the space it was designed for.

Adjustable Louvre Roof Systems

Our electrically operable louvre system is the ideal practical shading solution. Architecture & Design – one of our county’s established online magazines – even called our outdoor louvres

the new focal point in patio areas across Australia. The innovative roofing outcome is easily controlled via a wall switch or hand-held remote – that’s up to you. Created to provide weather protection against the sun, rain and wind, the louvre blades can be opened, shut and tilted to allow for the best result.

What about automation?

The residential market is fast approaching an automated revolution, with more and more applications taking place on their own. WeatherShade is up-to-date with the latest technology and ahead of the game when it comes to automation. All our louvre roof fitments come with the option of sensors that detect sunlight, rain and wind. These sensors tell the louvres to close during harsh weather, keeping your furnishings and infrastructure safe when you’re away from home.

Let There Be Light… Or Shade

As suppliers and installers of sophisticated louvre roof systems in Western Australia, WeatherShade is at the forefront of cutting edge infrastructure design. Not only do we conceptualise and craft our own ideas, but install our outcomes to exceptionally high standards unmatched by residential builders.

Find out how we can transform your home’s exterior into an interactive outdoor living space. We’re a call away on (08) 9351 8880 and welcome showroom walk-ins at 13 Aitken Way, Kewdale, WA anytime from Monday to Friday between 8 AM and 5 PM. Also feel free to leave us an enquiry.